Celebration! (+ Considering Issues as Reflected in Popular Media)

I’ve had so much fun discussing and writing about issues with you all this term!

As we enjoy tasty schnax, let’s take in a show (one that critically, and humorously, explores many of the issues we’ve been discussing. I’ve so wanted to see what you’ll have to say about this series.) Fair warning: adult language and themes–but nothing too over the top. (Maybe we should talk, too, about the rhetoric of using “adult language”?)

“Master of None,” Season 1, Episode 4: “Indians on TV”

“Master of None,” Season 1, Episode 7: “Ladies and Gentlemen”





Considering the final reflection

Final Reflection: What

You can’t do this in a page or two. This will need space, and careful development.

The goal is metacognition (thinking about your own thinking), creating a critical “talking through” of:

  • the final project
    • (…treating the same kinds of things you always do: explaining choices, diagnosing strengths and area for possible improvement in the final project, articulating learning experiences you went through in producing the document…what grade would you award it and why, specifically….)
  • AND the semester as whole (other projects, in class experiences, homework…)
    • (What have you learned?/What tools have you added to your writer’s tool box? How? How will this learning/these skills benefit you–in your major? in your life outside school? What do you need/want to work on next, as researcher/reader? writer? student?)

Final Reflection: How/Possible Content

You don’t need to cover ALL of this. Think about what has been most meaningful/useful to you. (You will probably come up with things we didn’t think of.)

So, what have we done? Let’s brainstorm!

  • genres: profile/magazine; online publication, journalistic citation style, consider specific audience;
  • interview (thinking about the other, listening, critical thinking about questions, follow up questions, leading vs open ended questions)
  • movie making (time/timing–trying to get it all done in one minute. concision. how to keep interesting while getting the point across. how to use images and sound to communicate. thinking about YOUR audience.)
  • profiling an audience. demographics.
  • citing your work (academic and “popular” styles. MLA? Other systems?)
  • quoting and paragraphing.
  • quote sandwiches
  • use databases
  • distinguishing between source types
  • finding credible sources, evaluating sources
  • group work: time management, communication, sharing responsibilities, cooperation, creativity
  • presentation skills: talking in front of an audience
  • getting folks to talk during presentation/speaking up in class
  • learning from each other. from each other’s writing styles. draft workshop. peer review. accepting criticism. giving constructive criticism. decide what advice to take and what doesn’t fit your project.

Consider the portfolio 3 assignment and the grading rubric. What were you asked to do?

Also: consider the goals of the course and use them to help articulate and explain your work (and progress!) this term.

Final Project: Peer Review

We didn’t have drafts done in time to do a peer review day on your final projects today, so we should probably talk about way for you to manage this process between now and the due date….

Final Project: Turning it In

Your final portfolio (the “finding common ground” paper + your final reflection) is due via email not later than the end of our final exam period (3 pm next Thursday, 12/10).

Final Celebration:

We WILL meet during the final period to have a little celebration of our work and learning this term. I’ll screen something fun for us to watch, and we can bring treats to share, if you like. (Comment below with what you plan to bring so we don’t duplicate too much?)

Drafting Workshop (12.1.15)

Today, you’ll have time to work on drafting your final project (Finding Common Ground). Here is an Annotations Chart, which may be of use in getting started. If you haven’t picked out your readings  yet, you might want to refer back to this list of suggestions I put up for you, here.

I will also circulate a sign up sheet for our final celebration. (We’ll hold this during our final exam period, next Thursday, 12/10, starting at 1 pm.) (Remember: your final portfolio–the finding common ground paper and the reflection treating both that paper and the class as a whole–is due by the start of that exam period.)

In class this Thursday, 12/3, we’ll work on the final reflection.

(If you haven’t already, please do the feedback on our class, emailed to you by the university? It is a great help to me. I appreciate it.)

Finding Common Ground

Today, we’ll talk through your questions on the portfolio 3 assignment, and then spend the rest of class in group and class discussions, working with two readings from our text (Amy Chua’s “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” and Hanna Rosin’s “Mother Inferior?” (I hope you brought your book, but I’ve made a few copies, just in case.)

NOTE: I got the final exam date wrong! Your work is due by 1 pm on Thursday, 12/10.

Also: some other issues to be addressed…

  • I’ve decided we are NOT doing the Capstone. (This means we have a piece of the grade left over we need to realtor. Let’s have a look at the syllabus together.) Followup: We chose to add this onto the team project grade.
  • AND: Let’s make sure everybody has a featured image on the front page of Conceptlandia (and think about adding categories?) Followup: I’ve added the categories y ‘all developed today. Edit your piece and choose the ones that fit your topic. Be sure to add a featured image while you are in there!
  • We WILL meet during the final exam period (because we have to. It’s counted in your total contact hours for the course.) Let’s use it to have a celebration of your hard work! Please email and let me know if you have any food allergies, so we can make sure you enjoy the day too! We will sign up to bring treats on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Before you leave today:

  • email me, letting me know which two texts you have chosen. Let me know where you found these, or whether you made the pair yourself (as I need to approve pairs created outside of the resources given. Don’t let that top you doing it, though! I’ll respond to those this weekend.) Please provide links to the texts in question.

For next Tuesday: 

  • read the sample “Finding Common Ground” pieces in the FYC reader (the text you downloaded.)
  • We’ll spend class talking through those, AND writing a proposal. I’ll respond to proposals over break, so when you come back, you can start drafting! Note: unless you have made your own pair of texts, you do not have to wait for my approval of your texts! And if you ARE making your own pair, the quicker you get me this info, the quicker you can start drafting!


PF3: Getting Started (homework, due 11/19)

To “pay” for our day out of class today,  we need to do a bit of homework to get you started on the third/final portfolio.

First, read the assignment sheet. NOTE: I got the final exam date wrong! Your work is due by 1 pm on Thursday, 12/10, not Saturday the 12th. (Doh!)

  • This task should look familiar: it is precisely what you were asked to do on the Diagnostic Learning Experience way back at the start of this class. It’s the same task you’ll undertake for the Capstone. As such, it should help you do well on the Capstone, and it shouldn’t be too terribly stressful during this push towards finals.

Second: choose a pair of readings.

Third, read your textbook.

  • For Thursday, read Chapter 5 (“Finding Common Ground”) from The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. Read the “how to” bit of this chapter: pages 175-217. (Note the last part of the chapter has paired readings you can choose from. You don’t have to read all of these for class. Just read the first pair–Chua and Rosen, from pages 219 to 225–so we can discuss them as a model for our task.)

Come to class Thursday with some options and we’ll get started!

No physical class meeting today

I am taking pity on you today. I assume many of you were up all night (between the paper due today and the very loud storms and tornado warning alarms last night) and I’m giving you a day out of our classroom to recuperate before we hit the ground running on the last project (which is basically the same kind of writing you did on the DLE at the start of the term.) There is something to accomplish today, though.

Important reminders:

  • PF 2 due! Don’t forget all the pieces: post your video to YouTube, embed it in your blog post, publish your Conceptlandia blog post, then email me the post’s web address and attach your reflection. I’ll write to confirm receipt of your email and work. If you DON’T get a confirmation email from me by the end of the day today, I didn’t get your work! Send it again. (Once I’m done with confirmations, I also send “I didn’t get yours….” just in case.)
  • Homework for Thursday: there will be a tiny bit. I am setting up an online plan now to help you select a topic we can start moving quickly on Thursday. It should be up for you by class time today.
  • PF 1 returned! You should have all received portfolio 1 back (at last. I do apologize. Especially given how much I enjoyed reading them! I kind of wish we had published them online too, because they were all truly interesting. Well done.) If you didn’t,

Hope it was okay where y’all live. It was just hard rain and wind here but pretty short. It was seriously noisy though and our whole house was up watching the radar.

I’ll be online much of the day. Please email as needed.

Draft Workshop, Portfolio 2

Today, we will work on posting drafts of your concept paper AND your “Concept in 60” video.

Have you got your video online?

  • Help exporting your video from MovieMaker (Remember, if you are trying to do this from a computer other than the one you built it on, you MUST bring both the folder of resources AND the movie maker file before exporting. If you have trouble accomplishing export and upload to youtube from home, bring the folder AND movie file on Tuesday for help.)
  • Help exporting your video from iMovie (video | text)
  • Help uploading to YouTube

Joining WordPress/Becoming an Author:

You should have received, at your TWU email address, an invitation to the site we’ll publish on (http://conceptlandia.wordpress.com). If you do not already have a wordpress.com account: 1) set up a free account (you will have to name a  blog as part of this process, but you do NOT have to use it. You will be posting to our blog.) You may use a pen name if you wish. 2) Once you’ve joined, come back and follow the link to become an author on our new site.)

Here’s some help on doing common tasks in WordPress:

Peer review time! 

Once you have your concept paper and video set up in a blog post, you’ll save it as a draft, then preview it. Leave a note on your desktop letting your readers know where you are with the draft, and asking specific question you’d like us to consider as we read for you.

As you read for one another, consider:

  • Has the author provided enough evidence/information to fully explain the concept? Where did you have questions, or want more information?
  • Is the information from credible sources?  Can you tell when they are quoting and when they are paraphrasing? Are they providing both in-text and end-of-text, academic citations?
  • Consider organization and paragraph development. Are they doing things in the “best” order for their purpose and audience? How well have the paragraphs written on paper translated to a screen? What would improve how we interact with this text onscreen?
  • Does the author integrate links in useful and interesting ways? What suggestions would you make to improve this for the reader?
  • Does the author integrate images in useful and interesting ways?
  • What feedback can you offer on the video? How does it complement what they’ve written?

For next week:

  • For Thursday, 11/12:
    • Your second portfolio is due before class time.
    • Post your final cut of the video to YouTube. Publish your blog post on Conceptlandia (embedding the video). Email me, including a link to your post (this will help me, in case you have used a pseudonym to publish) and attaching your reflective overview.