Group Presentation: On Privilege and “Passing”


“First Team” (Beatriz, Sophia, Melanie M. Melannie C. Jazmin, Kiara, Tahaira)

Privilege PPT | Blog Post (They’ve set up a spot for us to continue thinking through today’s readings and today’s activities. Please engage with us!)


Feedback and Evaluation:

You will receive a citizenship and two product grades. The product grade for the presentation will be an average of your classmate’s evaluations. The one for the blog will come from me. The citizenship grade will be an average of the marks given you by your teammates via those emailed reports. The three grades will be averaged to arrive at one total for the grade book.

  • As we talk, each class member should fill out an evaluation form (I will bring hard copies).
  • GROUP MEMBERS: Please email me today, and assign each group member a grade. Remember to provide evidence for that grade. These will be anonymous.

In the time remaining:

What sources have you found? Have you cited them?

For next time:


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