Draft Workshop, Portfolio 2

Today, we will work on posting drafts of your concept paper AND your “Concept in 60” video.

Have you got your video online?

  • Help exporting your video from MovieMaker (Remember, if you are trying to do this from a computer other than the one you built it on, you MUST bring both the folder of resources AND the movie maker file before exporting. If you have trouble accomplishing export and upload to youtube from home, bring the folder AND movie file on Tuesday for help.)
  • Help exporting your video from iMovie (video | text)
  • Help uploading to YouTube

Joining WordPress/Becoming an Author:

You should have received, at your TWU email address, an invitation to the site we’ll publish on (http://conceptlandia.wordpress.com). If you do not already have a wordpress.com account: 1) set up a free account (you will have to name a  blog as part of this process, but you do NOT have to use it. You will be posting to our blog.) You may use a pen name if you wish. 2) Once you’ve joined, come back and follow the link to become an author on our new site.)

Here’s some help on doing common tasks in WordPress:

Peer review time! 

Once you have your concept paper and video set up in a blog post, you’ll save it as a draft, then preview it. Leave a note on your desktop letting your readers know where you are with the draft, and asking specific question you’d like us to consider as we read for you.

As you read for one another, consider:

  • Has the author provided enough evidence/information to fully explain the concept? Where did you have questions, or want more information?
  • Is the information from credible sources?  Can you tell when they are quoting and when they are paraphrasing? Are they providing both in-text and end-of-text, academic citations?
  • Consider organization and paragraph development. Are they doing things in the “best” order for their purpose and audience? How well have the paragraphs written on paper translated to a screen? What would improve how we interact with this text onscreen?
  • Does the author integrate links in useful and interesting ways? What suggestions would you make to improve this for the reader?
  • Does the author integrate images in useful and interesting ways?
  • What feedback can you offer on the video? How does it complement what they’ve written?

For next week:

  • For Thursday, 11/12:
    • Your second portfolio is due before class time.
    • Post your final cut of the video to YouTube. Publish your blog post on Conceptlandia (embedding the video). Email me, including a link to your post (this will help me, in case you have used a pseudonym to publish) and attaching your reflective overview.

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