No physical class meeting today

I am taking pity on you today. I assume many of you were up all night (between the paper due today and the very loud storms and tornado warning alarms last night) and I’m giving you a day out of our classroom to recuperate before we hit the ground running on the last project (which is basically the same kind of writing you did on the DLE at the start of the term.) There is something to accomplish today, though.

Important reminders:

  • PF 2 due! Don’t forget all the pieces: post your video to YouTube, embed it in your blog post, publish your Conceptlandia blog post, then email me the post’s web address and attach your reflection. I’ll write to confirm receipt of your email and work. If you DON’T get a confirmation email from me by the end of the day today, I didn’t get your work! Send it again. (Once I’m done with confirmations, I also send “I didn’t get yours….” just in case.)
  • Homework for Thursday: there will be a tiny bit. I am setting up an online plan now to help you select a topic we can start moving quickly on Thursday. It should be up for you by class time today.
  • PF 1 returned! You should have all received portfolio 1 back (at last. I do apologize. Especially given how much I enjoyed reading them! I kind of wish we had published them online too, because they were all truly interesting. Well done.) If you didn’t,

Hope it was okay where y’all live. It was just hard rain and wind here but pretty short. It was seriously noisy though and our whole house was up watching the radar.

I’ll be online much of the day. Please email as needed.


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