PF3: Getting Started (homework, due 11/19)

To “pay” for our day out of class today,  we need to do a bit of homework to get you started on the third/final portfolio.

First, read the assignment sheet. NOTE: I got the final exam date wrong! Your work is due by 1 pm on Thursday, 12/10, not Saturday the 12th. (Doh!)

  • This task should look familiar: it is precisely what you were asked to do on the Diagnostic Learning Experience way back at the start of this class. It’s the same task you’ll undertake for the Capstone. As such, it should help you do well on the Capstone, and it shouldn’t be too terribly stressful during this push towards finals.

Second: choose a pair of readings.

Third, read your textbook.

  • For Thursday, read Chapter 5 (“Finding Common Ground”) from The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. Read the “how to” bit of this chapter: pages 175-217. (Note the last part of the chapter has paired readings you can choose from. You don’t have to read all of these for class. Just read the first pair–Chua and Rosen, from pages 219 to 225–so we can discuss them as a model for our task.)

Come to class Thursday with some options and we’ll get started!


4 thoughts on “PF3: Getting Started (homework, due 11/19)

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