Finding Common Ground

Today, we’ll talk through your questions on the portfolio 3 assignment, and then spend the rest of class in group and class discussions, working with two readings from our text (Amy Chua’s “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” and Hanna Rosin’s “Mother Inferior?” (I hope you brought your book, but I’ve made a few copies, just in case.)

NOTE: I got the final exam date wrong! Your work is due by 1 pm on Thursday, 12/10.

Also: some other issues to be addressed…

  • I’ve decided we are NOT doing the Capstone. (This means we have a piece of the grade left over we need to realtor. Let’s have a look at the syllabus together.) Followup: We chose to add this onto the team project grade.
  • AND: Let’s make sure everybody has a featured image on the front page of Conceptlandia (and think about adding categories?) Followup: I’ve added the categories y ‘all developed today. Edit your piece and choose the ones that fit your topic. Be sure to add a featured image while you are in there!
  • We WILL meet during the final exam period (because we have to. It’s counted in your total contact hours for the course.) Let’s use it to have a celebration of your hard work! Please email and let me know if you have any food allergies, so we can make sure you enjoy the day too! We will sign up to bring treats on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Before you leave today:

  • email me, letting me know which two texts you have chosen. Let me know where you found these, or whether you made the pair yourself (as I need to approve pairs created outside of the resources given. Don’t let that top you doing it, though! I’ll respond to those this weekend.) Please provide links to the texts in question.

For next Tuesday: 

  • read the sample “Finding Common Ground” pieces in the FYC reader (the text you downloaded.)
  • We’ll spend class talking through those, AND writing a proposal. I’ll respond to proposals over break, so when you come back, you can start drafting! Note: unless you have made your own pair of texts, you do not have to wait for my approval of your texts! And if you ARE making your own pair, the quicker you get me this info, the quicker you can start drafting!



2 thoughts on “Finding Common Ground

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