Considering the final reflection

Final Reflection: What

You can’t do this in a page or two. This will need space, and careful development.

The goal is metacognition (thinking about your own thinking), creating a critical “talking through” of:

  • the final project
    • (…treating the same kinds of things you always do: explaining choices, diagnosing strengths and area for possible improvement in the final project, articulating learning experiences you went through in producing the document…what grade would you award it and why, specifically….)
  • AND the semester as whole (other projects, in class experiences, homework…)
    • (What have you learned?/What tools have you added to your writer’s tool box? How? How will this learning/these skills benefit you–in your major? in your life outside school? What do you need/want to work on next, as researcher/reader? writer? student?)

Final Reflection: How/Possible Content

You don’t need to cover ALL of this. Think about what has been most meaningful/useful to you. (You will probably come up with things we didn’t think of.)

So, what have we done? Let’s brainstorm!

  • genres: profile/magazine; online publication, journalistic citation style, consider specific audience;
  • interview (thinking about the other, listening, critical thinking about questions, follow up questions, leading vs open ended questions)
  • movie making (time/timing–trying to get it all done in one minute. concision. how to keep interesting while getting the point across. how to use images and sound to communicate. thinking about YOUR audience.)
  • profiling an audience. demographics.
  • citing your work (academic and “popular” styles. MLA? Other systems?)
  • quoting and paragraphing.
  • quote sandwiches
  • use databases
  • distinguishing between source types
  • finding credible sources, evaluating sources
  • group work: time management, communication, sharing responsibilities, cooperation, creativity
  • presentation skills: talking in front of an audience
  • getting folks to talk during presentation/speaking up in class
  • learning from each other. from each other’s writing styles. draft workshop. peer review. accepting criticism. giving constructive criticism. decide what advice to take and what doesn’t fit your project.

Consider the portfolio 3 assignment and the grading rubric. What were you asked to do?

Also: consider the goals of the course and use them to help articulate and explain your work (and progress!) this term.

Final Project: Peer Review

We didn’t have drafts done in time to do a peer review day on your final projects today, so we should probably talk about way for you to manage this process between now and the due date….

Final Project: Turning it In

Your final portfolio (the “finding common ground” paper + your final reflection) is due via email not later than the end of our final exam period (3 pm next Thursday, 12/10).

Final Celebration:

We WILL meet during the final period to have a little celebration of our work and learning this term. I’ll screen something fun for us to watch, and we can bring treats to share, if you like. (Comment below with what you plan to bring so we don’t duplicate too much?)


7 thoughts on “Considering the final reflection

  1. Fantastique. J’adore tes textes de cours. Il y a là le petit décalage vraiment drôle qui régit le rapport entre le soi du maître et la necessité de sa nealturité.Et tu exprimes ce décalage relativement doucement. Sans trop forcer le trait. Vraiment très bon.(tu as des chanteurs de karaoké ?)(c’est mon autre passion ; pas le karaoké, les gens qui y vont…)


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