Group Projects

About this Project:

Once this term, you will work with a team of your classmates to create a post for the class blog and a complementary in-class presentation. You will also work together to moderate conversation related to those texts, both in-class and online.

Your tasks:

The presentation and blog post will be related to and support the current readings, topics, and writing skills being considered by the class.  Your job isn’t to answer a prompt, or summarize readings. Your job is to get us talking about the ideas in the readings. Both your blog post and your in-class presentation should work to engage your classmates in conversation and critical thinking. You and your team will decide how best to do that.

As you put together the blog post and the presentation, you’ll need to think deeply about genre and make rhetorically effective choices. Please create multimodal texts (defined as those that make use of more than one mode of communication, including combinations of sounds, images, and writing) and technology in some way in both aspects of your work (Ideas: you might create and include images, a video, a slideshow, a podcast…. What else can you think of that would help explore the ideas you’ve been given, and engage your audience?) You will also need to consider, in the blog post, how to make use of the affordances of online publication. (How can links add to what you are doing?)

I’ll send each member of the group an invitation to become an author on this site, as well as links to tutorials that will show you how to create an publish a new post. (It’s easy. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can do this.)

The in-class presentation and the blog post do not have to take an identical approach, though they may. You may consider the blog post an extension of in-class conversation, or a way of prepping for in-class conversation. (Let us know when you want your colleagues to read/respond to it. It can be done before class to prepare them for conversation, or after class to continue that conversation.

Getting Started:

This project *cannot* be done at the last minute. It will take time to plan, gather resources, and draft/revise your blog post and presentation. Therefore, the group will submit via email (at least two weeks in advance of your presentation date) an informal plan for getting the work done, showing how you will divvy things up and collaborate fairly. You may wish to split into two smaller groups to develop complementary texts, or otherwise subdivide the workload.

Reporting Back:

Because I know some of you have had “bad” group work experiences, by the class period following your presentation, each team member will submit via email an individual reflection reporting back on the group experience and suggesting grades for each group member, including yourself. Please provide support for your evaluations. Let’s work together to achieve the positive learning outcomes a good group experience CAN yield!


You will receive a citizenship and two product grades. The product grade for the presentation will be an average of your classmate’s evaluations. The one for the blog will come from me. The citizenship grade will be an average of the marks given you by your teammates via those emailed reports. The three grades will be averaged to arrive at one total for the grade book.

HERE is help on writing a wordpress post.

Class Period


Team Members

Team 1:


 Passing First Team:

Beatriz, Sophia, Melanie M. Melannie C. Jazmin, Kiara, Tahaira

Privilege PPT | Blog Post

Team 2:

10/27 10/29

 Native Americans  Sora, Skyler, Erica, Griozelle, Kenia, Jennifer

Team 3:

10/29 11/3

 Racism in America  Cassie, Rosalba, MaRhonda

Team 4:
11/5 11/10

 Black Lives Matter

(Note: we being the “finding common ground” project on this date. Try to take the same approach to these readings?)

Texas Wonder Gals:

Yazmin, Loren, Ashley, Tori, Alexis