Racism in America Blog post

Presenters: Rosalba Rubio, Valerie Flores, Gabriela Soto, MaRhonda Long

Evaluation & Feedback:

At this time we would greatly appreciate if you would leave feedback on our presentation. Also if you were unable to share an opinion or experience during class now would be the time to do so.


Presentation 3

Today’s readings for discussion:

If you didn’t give me a feedback sheet for last Thursday’s group do so now. And don’t forget to do one for today’s group.

(In whatever time remains, we’ll talk about your current writing project. I want to know how research is going.)

For Thursday:

  • Upload your video to YouTube. (Set it to “unlisted” NOT private. That way it can’t be seen by anyone that doesn’t have the link.)
  • Bring your “concept paper” text (typed up) so you can cut and paste it into the website we’ll be using. We’ll start class with this.
  • Don’t forget to cite your sources, providing both in text and end of text citations!
  • BECAUSE THIS IS GOING UP ONLINE, I WANT TO GIVE YOU  JUST A TINY BIT MORE TIME TO POLISH THIS ONE. The due date is therefore extended to before class time next Thursday, 11/12.

Native American Group Blog:


Presenters: Skylar, Sora, Kenia, Grizelle, Jennifer, Erica



Feedback and Evaluation:

Comment on presentation, speakers, and improvement. Also this is the time to respond to previous questions asked. If don’t have any comment you can answer this question, why do you think that Native American’s don’t make it on to the headlines on social media or news? There lives matter too, they’re real people like us so what is your opinion on this topic.

For fun, if you’d like to try the Native American name generator to remain anonymous for the blog post, feel free to click on the link below;


Schedule Updated!

I have updated our online schedule to allow for another day of movie making, next Tuesday.

This pushes group presentation dates around. The last group will wind up presenting on the day we hand in this portfolio and begin the final portfolio (SO, I’d like this group to focus their presentation not on explaining a concept, but instead on helping us consider project 3–helping groups that disagree on an issue to find common ground. We’ll talk more about this as you prep.)

Our peer review date has moved to 11/5. The portfolio 2 due date remains 11/10 (which is great, as we don’t lose time on your final project. I hate to give you less time to produce that.)

Check our schedule page to see how your group is impacted! 

Movie Making! (10.22 and 10.27)

During the project 2 cycle, you will complete three documents:

1) the concept paper (to be posted to our class website. We’ll work on how to post it there during our upcoming peer review workshop, 11/5, so do your research, get a good draft going, and be ready!)

2) a reflective overview

3) a 60 second video that works with the paper to explain the cultural concept you’re working with. (It could try to cover the whole argument, or focus in on just one part of your larger argument.) You will post the final version of this to YouTube, and embed it in your paper on our website. We will work on this project today and Tuesday. Here’s the assignment.

As we get materials ready to go: What did you learn from today’s readings?

Readings: “Matters of Type” + “Time Frames”  + “Pulling Back the Curtain” + “8 Steps to Creating a Great Storyboard”


Group Presentation: On Privilege and “Passing”


“First Team” (Beatriz, Sophia, Melanie M. Melannie C. Jazmin, Kiara, Tahaira)

Privilege PPT | Blog Post (They’ve set up a spot for us to continue thinking through today’s readings and today’s activities. Please engage with us!)


Feedback and Evaluation:

You will receive a citizenship and two product grades. The product grade for the presentation will be an average of your classmate’s evaluations. The one for the blog will come from me. The citizenship grade will be an average of the marks given you by your teammates via those emailed reports. The three grades will be averaged to arrive at one total for the grade book.

  • As we talk, each class member should fill out an evaluation form (I will bring hard copies).
  • GROUP MEMBERS: Please email me today, and assign each group member a grade. Remember to provide evidence for that grade. These will be anonymous.

In the time remaining:

What sources have you found? Have you cited them?

For next time: