This page is always growing and changing. I’ll add useful tools as I find/make them (and I hope you’ll also share your finds so I can link them up for your colleagues!)

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  • You will find lots of citation guides online. There’s also one in the back of your St. Martin’s Guide to Writing. Here’s one you may find convenient.
  • TIP: avoid using citation generators. Sometimes you have to combine two or more patterns to cite a text appropriately. The generators do not all allow for this, NOR, in fact, do they even provide for all the different types of texts you might encounter. Finally, I have noticed some of them do not follow academic style well, and others are not kept up-to-date when the styles change. It’s best to learn to do this yourself. Then, if you choose to use a generator, you’ll know enough to notice when something is done incorrectly or incompletely.

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